3.2.5 Board Dismissal

The governing board has a policy whereby members can be dismissed only for appropriate reasons and by a fair process. (Board Dismissal)


JUDGMENT: Compliant


Southwest Texas Junior College policy BBC (Legal) outlines policies and procedures with respect to Board member vacancies and removal from office. This policy delineates the process for removal of a Board member and provides the appropriate reasons for consideration of removal.

Board dismissal policy is fair and appropriate in accordance with the following Texas legislative codes:

An example of implementation of this policy is unavailable because no such dismissal has taken place.


SWTJC Policy BBC (Legal) Board Members Vacancies and Removal from Office
Civil Practice and Remedies Code 66.001(2) Initiation of Suit
Local Government Code 87 Removal of County Officers form Office; Filling of Vacancies
Texas Education Code 130.0845 Removal of Trustees for Nonattendance of Board Meetings
Texas Constitution Article V, Section 24 Removal of County Officers
Texas Education Code 44.032 Enforcement of Purchase Procedures: Criminal Penalties; Removal; Ineligibility


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