3.2.12 Fund-Raising Activities

The institution demonstrates that its chief executive officer controls the institution’s fund-raising activities.


JUDGMENT: Compliant


Southwest Texas Junior College Policy BFA (Local) item #8, states that, “The College President shall […] 8. Have ultimate control of the College District’s fund-raising activities…”   The College President coordinates fundraising activities with three formally organized groups that support the district: The SWTJC Foundation, Uvalde Events Association, and the SWTJC Friends and Alumni Network

In addition the college has a mechanism for accepting donations from the general public via a link from Alumni tab in our home page. In addition the president develops relationships with potential donors for the establishment of endowments.  The board minutes of the August 21, 2014 provide evidence of a recent endowment.


SWTJC Policy BFA (Local) College President Qualifications and Duties
SWTJC Foundation

SWTJC Uvalde Festival & Events Association, Inc.
SWTJC Friends and Alumni Network, Inc.
SWTJC Website Alumni
Board of Trustees Minutes, August 21, 2014


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