4.8.1 Student Identity

demonstrates that the student who registers in a distance or correspondence education course or program is the same student who participates in and completes the course or program and receives the credit by verifying the identity of a student who participates in class or coursework by using, at the option of the institution, methods such as (a) a secure login and pass code, (b) proctored examinations, or (c) new or other technologies and practices that are effective in verifying student identification.



JUDGMENT: Compliant


SWTJC is committed to providing quality content and instruction for online students, and to ensuring the integrity of student participation in Online Courses. Therefore, the college employs a dual layer approach to verifying student identification.

Secured login and pass codes
The college’s primary learning management system (LMS), Campus Cruiser, requires a secure login ID and pass code to access all course materials. A unique login and password are created and assigned to each student when the student enrolls for courses at SWTJC. Students are required to create a new password on the initial login to SWTJC’s Portal. Students can only access content for courses in which they are enrolled.

Although all courses at SWTJC use Campus Cruiser as the primary LMS, some faculty can choose to use Moodle as their secondary LMS. The same unique secured login ID and pass code created for Campus Cruiser’s LMS apply to Moodle access as well.

Proctored Examinations

In addition to secured logins and pass codes, SWTJC requires students enrolled in online courses to take two face-to-face proctored exams for each online course. These exams take place at mid-semester and at the end of the semester. A student must provide valid photographic identification to be admitted to the testing area for the proctored exams, as required by SWTJC Distance Education Policy – Sections II. B. 2. b.

Because SWTJC serves an 11- county region, special exam dates are provided in the counties of Uvalde, Zavala, Maverick, Val Verde, Medina, and Frio. Students must submit a reservation for testing in advance.

If online students currently reside outside of our region, instructors may authorize alternative testing centers, which may include:

• Testing Centers at other colleges or universities
• Professional testing centers (Sylvan, Kaplan, etc.)
• Other environments approved by the instructor

By using a secure login and password to verify student identity, and by requiring two proctored exams for which students must present a valid identification, SWTJC demonstrates the student who registers in a distance education course is the same student who participates in and completes the course and receives the credit.


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