4.6 Recruitment Materials

Recruitment materials and presentations accurately represent the institution’s practices and policies.

JUDGMENT: Compliant


All recruitment materials, publications, and presentations accurately represent the institution’s practices and policies.  Recruitment materials include press releases, advertisements, push cards, SWTJC Viewbook, gainful employment and the website.  All materials are carefully reviewed for accuracy and consistency with our mission and performing as a Top Ten Aspen College(Aspen 2011) by our Public Information and Design team, as well as by the office or department initiating the publication.

Procedures  for development and revisions of the catalog and schedules is overseen by the Curriculum Committee which is made up of faculty, student services, deans and division chair representatives, public information office, and design team.  Final approval of these two documents rests with the Vice President of Academic Affairs and the Vice President of Student Services.

Additionally, other publications including the Student Handbook, viewbook, and many program push cards are developed in cooperation with individual departments and reviewed by the appropriate deans, directors, division chairs, and vice president.

College staff edits or redesigns existing materials and creates new materials to meet current needs.  Materials created by other departments or created by third parties are reviewed and approved by Public Information Office and Design Team for appropriate content, adherence to the style guide and consistent image.

College committees are established as needed to review publications for accuracy of practices and make recommendations for modifications.  These include, but are not limited to

The Web Presence Committee is tasked with identifying outdated, inconsistent or inaccurate language and content information on the website and portal; developing procedures for adding/removing content; ensuring compliance with federal, state, and other regulations; and working with content owners and content managers to keep all website information current and accurate.  

The Viewbook Committee was tasked with reviewing the content and publication of our SWTJC Viewbook to ensure the viewbook was consistent and accurate in regards to the language and content.

SWTJC’s recruitment materials, publications, and presentations accurately reflect the institution’s practices and policies.


SWTJC Press Release
SWTJC Registration Advertisement
SWTJC Push Cards
SWTJC Website View Book
SWTJC Gainful Employment
SWTJC Website
SWTJC Top Ten Logo
SWTJC Aspen Finalist
SWTJC Faculty Handbook, 2014, p.120
SWTJC Student Handbook Revision Schedule
SWTJC Brand Standards & Style Guide
SWTJC Web Presence Committee Members
SWTJC Viewbook Committee Members


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