2.3 Chief Executive Officer

The institution has a chief executive officer whose primary responsibility is to the institution and who is not the presiding officer of the board. (See Commission policy “Core Requirement 2.3: Documenting an Alternate Approach.”)


JUDGMENT: Compliant


The Southwest Texas Junior College Board of Trustees employs Dr. Hector Gonzales as the President of SWTJC. Board Minutes – Evaluation of President He is the chief executive officer of SWTJC. Duties of the SWTJC President are outlined in SWTJC Policy BFA (Local) which tasks the President with “putting into effect the Board’s policies and regulations.” This policy maintains that the SWTJC President’s primary responsibility is to SWTJC.   The President acts as the Chief Administrator of the College and performs other duties as chief executive officer as set forth in the employment agreement and job description. The President has no employment responsibilities other than as CEO of the institution.


The College President is not the presiding officer of the Board of Trustees. The President of the SWTJC Board of Trustees is Rodolfo R. Flores. SWTJC Board of Trustees Members  SWTJC Organizational Chart.


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Board of Trustees Members
SWTJC Organizational Chart


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