2.1 Degree Granting Authority

The institution has degree-granting authority from the appropriate government agency or agencies.

JUDGMENT: Compliant


Southwest Texas Junior College (SWTJC) was approved by the State Department of Education (now Texas Education Agency) in 1946 as a junior college. Southwest Texas Junior College became an affiliate member in the Association of Texas Colleges in spring 1947; in fall 1947, SWTJC became a member of the American Association of Junior Colleges. In fall 1964, SWTJC was admitted as a member of the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges (SACSCOC) and was last reaffirmed by SACSCOC on July 6, 2007 with no conditional approvals.

Southwest Texas Junior College has degree-granting authority from the appropriate government agencies. SWTJC is authorized as a public Texas Junior College by the Texas Education Code (TEC), Title 3, Subtitle G “Non-Baccalaureate System,” Chapter 130 “Junior College Districts,” Subchapter A, Section 130.004. The College derives further legal authority from TEC Section 130.001. This statute authorizes the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board (THECB) to adopt policies, enact regulations, and establish rules for carrying out the duties with respect to public junior colleges as set by the legislature. In accordance with Texas Education Code 130.002, all authority not vested by other laws is reserved and retained locally in each college district or in the governing boards of each college. Section 130.0011 describes the role and mission of Texas junior colleges that includes offering courses for certification and associate degrees. Further degree-granting authority is outlined in Section 130.003(e)(1), and the SWTJC service area is described in Section 130.200. The power and duty to grant degrees and certificates are also included in the Southwest Texas Junior College Policy Manual in section AA (Legal).

Southwest Texas Junior College is also certified by the Texas Commissioner of Higher Education to be in compliance with the standards established by the THECB. The THECB, approves all courses, programs, and degrees offered by Southwest Texas Junior College, as required by TEC section 61.0512. THECB Online Institutional Resume


Commission on Colleges Reaffirmed Accreditation Letter, July, 6, 2007
Texas Education Code 130.004 Authorized Types of Public Junior Colleges
Texas Education Code 130.001 Supervision by Coordinating Board, Texas College and University System
Texas Education Code 130.002 Extent of State and Local Control
Texas Education Code 130.0011 Public Junior Colleges, Role and Mission
Texas Education Code 130.003(e)(1) State Appropriation for Public Junior Colleges
Texas Education Code 130.200 Southwest Texas Junior College District
SWTJC Policy AA Legal College District Legal Status and History
Texas Education Code 61.0512 Board Approval of Academic Programs
Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board Online Institutional Resume


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