3.5.2 Institutional Credits For a Degree

At least 25 percent of the credit hours required for the degree are earned through instruction offered by the institution awarding the degree. (See Commission policy “Collaborative Academic Arrangements.”)


JUDGMENT: Compliant


Southwest Texas Junior College stipulates, in the SWTJC Catalog, that at least 25 percent of credit hours required for any degree earned at SWTJC must be earned through instruction offered at SWTJC.

The 25% rule applies to all degrees, irrespective of whether the courses were completed via face-to-face instruction, video-conferencing, online instruction, or hybrid instruction.

The 25% rule is ensured by degree plan review following a student’s application for graduation. The SWTJC Registrar’s Office conducts degree review; part of the review process is auditing course credits to ensure that 25% of credit hours required for graduation have been earned through instruction offered by SWTJC. A student’s credit hours are clearly listed on the SWTJC transcript, with eligible transfer hours indicated.


SWTJC Catalog, 2014-2016 pp. 108-110


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