3.4.2 Continuing Education/Service Programs

The institution’s continuing education, outreach, and service programs are consistent with the institution’s mission.


JUDGMENT: Compliant


Southwest Texas Junior College’s mission statement is as follows:

Southwest Texas Junior College is a comprehensive, public college serving eleven counties in Southwest Texas. The College provides accessible, affordable, high-quality education that prepares students to successfully transfer to senior colleges and universities; enter the job market; pursue their professional and personal goals; and contribute to the economic growth of the region.



SWTJC’s Workforce Education Division specifically addresses three of the four goals stated in the SWTJC mission: “to prepare students to enter the job market, pursue their professional and personal goals, and contribute to the economic growth of the region.” This Division includes both continuing education courses and Adult Education and Literacy. The continuing education component provides short term, skills-oriented trainings that introduce or enhance on-the-job capabilities for the region’s workforce.  The Adult Education and Literacy component provides instruction intended to prepare students to earn their GED; to prepare candidates who are seeking U. S. citizenship; and to develop students’ English language skills (ESL). The SWTJC Workforce Education Division also offers programs that specifically address professional and personal goals, for example, increased technological literacy via computer courses, or improved fitness via community fitness courses. All Workforce trainings/courses are under the supervision of the SWTJC Dean of Workforce Education.

Southwest Texas Junior College’s Workforce Education Division is an economic development team for individuals, businesses, industries and organizations across the college’s 11-county service area.

Additionally, several of the courses offered through Continuing Education earn credits that may be applied to an Associate’s degree, consistent with the SWTJC mission goal of preparing students “to successfully transfer to senior colleges and universities.”

The SWTJC Workforce Education Division is governed and supported by various policies adopted by the SWTJC Board of Trustees, including:

  • AD (Legal) – Role and purpose
  • EFAB (Legal) – Definition of Continuing Education Unit (CEU)
  • EBA (Legal) – Definition of Continuing Education course
  • EBB (Legal) – Definition of Continuing Education – Clinical course


SWTJC Continuing Education Programs
SWTJC Service Area Continuing Education Advertisements
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SWTJC Policy AD Legal
SWTJC Policy EFAB Legal
SWTJC Policy EBA Legal
SWTJC Policy EBB Legal


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