3.2.9 Personnel Appointment

The institution publishes policies regarding appointment, employment, and evaluation of all personnel.


JUDGMENT: Compliant


Appointment and Employment

The Southwest Texas Junior College Policy Manual defines and publishes policy regarding appointment and employment of SWTJC employees.

DC (LEGAL) states that a board member may not be employed by the college for a complete year after leaving the board.  All employees must maintain a current I-9 form (8C.F.R. 274a (h & b)).  It also mandates a criminal background check on all applicants for “security sensitive positions” and clearly defines that term (Gov’t Code 411.094, Ed Code 51.215).

DC (LOCAL) states the Board of Trustees delegates the College President, Vice Presidents, and Associate Vice Presidents to establish guidelines for hiring personnel.  The President has the sole authority to recommend the hiring of personnel to the Board of Trustees and the Board of Trustees retains the sole authority for approving a final employment contract.  The Board delegates hiring authority to the President. Vice Presidents, and Associated Vice Presidents in the event of a non-contract (at-will) employee.

DC (REGULATION) is the policy that contains the written guidelines that have been established and followed regarding appointment and employment:

  • development of an official job announcement
  • only complete applications are considered
  • a search team is developed (Dean, Division Chair and President or his delegate)
  • internal posting for 10 days
  • external posting for 30 days (professional opening)/15 days (non-professional)
    • changing the amount of days of advertising is allowed in the event that circumstances require immediate action)

This is an example of the policies being followed.


Southwest Texas Junior College is required by policy DLA (Legal) to have end-of-course faculty evaluations.  These evaluations are published on the SWTJC website directory for each evaluation of faculty and staff is addressed in SWTJC DLA (Local) policy, which outlines the purpose, philosophy, objectives, and frequency of faculty and staff evaluations.  Student evaluations of faculty are available on the SWTJC website.


SWTJC Policy DC (Legal) Employment Practices
SWTJC Policy DC (Local) Employment Practices
SWTJC Policy DC (Regulation) Hiring Practices
SWTJC Accounts Payable Job Announcement
SWTJC Policy DLA (Legal) Employee Performance Evaluation
SWTJC Policy DLA (Local) Employee Performance Evaluation
SWTJC Student Evaluation 2013


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