3.2.7 Organizational Structure

The institution has a clearly defined and published organizational structure that delineates responsibility for the administration of policies.


JUDGMENT: Compliant


The Southwest Texas Junior College in policy BGA (Exhibit) authorized the organizational structure for the college.  It is also published in the SWTJC Faculty Handbook and on the SWTJC website (swtjc.edu). The Organizational Chart along with College Policy BGB (Local) & BH (Local) clearly delineates responsibility for the administration of policies in its depiction of the relationship of the Board, the President, Vice Presidents, Deans, Directors, and Coordinators, showing coordination of responsibility and management for the administration of SWTJC policies.

New faculty members are specifically advised to examine the Southwest Texas Junior College Faculty Handbook, which is available online at swtjc.edu in a PDF (printable) format. The SWTJC organizational chart is also available online at swtjc.edu via the prominently displayed “About SWTJC” tab on the swtjc.edu website, under the “Administration” subheading.


SWTJC Policy BGA (Exhibit) Administrative Organizational Plan Organizations Charts
SWTJC Organizational Chart
SWTJC Faculty Handbook, 2014, p.5
SWTJC Website Organizational Chart
SWTJC Policy BGB (Local) Administrative Organization Plan Line and Staff Relations
SWTJC Policy BH (Local) Administrative Rules and Regulations
SWTJC Website Organizational Chart


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