3.11.1 Control of Physical Resources

The institution exercises appropriate control over all its physical resources.


JUDGMENT: Compliant


Southwest Texas Junior College (SWTJC) exercises appropriate control over all its physical resources. The College maintains an accurate and up-to-date record of its physical inventory and has in place purchasing procedures which provide for control of resource acquisition and placement.

SWTJC has contracted with (RCI) to perform an annual inventory of all College equipment, including furnishings, computers, tools, and other portable items.  RCI has completed such an inventory annually since 1999.

SWTJC warehouse personnel receive purchased equipment and other goods and apply SWTJC inventory tags as appropriate. All inventoried items are bar-coded as to their SWTJC site, specified to the actual room where the items are used. An asset’s inventory tag remains attached until the item is properly removed from the College’s inventory due to obsolescence or other replacement cause. Disposal of College property is governed by SWTJC Policy CIB (Local), which outlines the permissible avenues for such disposal.

All assets and buildings of SWTJC are adequately insured by a policy provided by the Texas Association of School Boards (TASB).

The College employs a maintenance staff charged with the upkeep, repair, and replacement of physical plant assets. Much of the staff’s efforts are, of course, taken up with day-to-day janitorial and lawn-care duties; however qualified SWTJC technicians also respond to immediate needs or emergencies. The College’s Deferred Maintenance Plan provides a list of known maintenance needs, which physical plant staff use to schedule repairs and other work.

The SWTJC campus police, security officers, or maintenance staffs lock and secure all College buildings at night. In addition, facilities on the Uvalde, Eagle Pass, Del Rio, and Crystal City sites are secured by electronic monitoring systems maintained by a local security firm.

SWTJC offers dual credit courses at 22 high schools located throughout its 11-county service area. Each location is owned, operated, and maintained by the appropriate independent school district. Those districts are governed by Texas Association of School Boards rules and regulations for maintenance of ISD physical plants.


SWTJC Business Office Polices 
SWTJC Capitalization August 2014, 2014
SWTJC Policy CIB Local Equipment and Supplies Management Disposal of Property
Texas Association of School Boards Insurance Policy
SWTJC Deferred Maintenance Plan


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